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Professional Learning

Professional learning is the means by which teachers,   administrators, and other school/system personnel acquire, enhance, and   refine the knowledge, skills, and commitment necessary to create and support   high levels of learning for all students. In accordance with State Board of   Education rule, Trion City Schools has appointed a Professional Learning   Advisory Committee to advise and assist the system coordinator in the   assessment of professional learning needs, determination of priorities,   content and quality of activities, and evaluation of the professional   learning program.


Trion City Schools Professional Learning Advisory Committee

  • Phil Williams, Superintendent
  • Kelly Wilson, System Professional Learning Director
  • Angie Bowman, Special Education Director
  • Howard Hughes, Technology Director
  • Tim Gillespie, Principal
  • Scott Crabbe, Principal
  • Bryan Edge, Principal


The task of the Professional Learning Advisory Committee is to represent each school in the development and evaluation of the system professional learning program and to provide information to school faculty and leadership regarding:

  • Inclusion of professional learning in school accountability plan
  • Planning of professional learning activities
  • Managing professional learning approval
  • Working together as a professional learning community



Budget Requirements


Federal guidelines and restrictions require that Title IIA funds may only be spent for qualifying reasons which are to prepare, recruit, train, and retain “highly effective” teachers and paraprofessionals. All students at TCS receive benefit through Title IIA dollars because these funds support recruitment and professional learning for teachers,   paraprofessionals and school administrators. Funding priorities for professional learning are identified yearly through the Annual Needs Assessment that is administered in the spring of each school year.


Title IIA


The emphasis for the federal Title IIA grant program is to   prepare, recruit, train, and retain “highly effective” teachers in the   nation’s public schools. Title IIA legislation focuses on training and   recruiting “highly-effective” teachers and principals to teach core academic   subjects. All parents of students in Trion City Schools have a right to know   whether their child’s teacher(s) or paraprofessional(s) is highly-effective.  


The information that you may request includes:


1) Whether the teacher meets the Georgia Professional Standards Commission requirements for certification of the grade level and subject area   in which the teacher provides instruction;


2) Whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency or other provisional status through which Georgia qualifications or certification   criteria have been waived;


3) The college major and any graduate certification or degree held by the teacher, and


4) Whether the student is provided services by paraprofessionals, and if so, their qualification.


Parents may contact their child’s principal or the district’s Title IIA director for this information.









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