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The goal of the Board of Education is to secure highly qualified employees needed to operate and effective and efficient school system. Because the Board seeks to employ or appoint the best persons available, the Board intends for the school system to implement effective recruitment and selection procedures that will best serve the mission of the school system.


The recruitment and selection of personnel shall be conducted in such a manner as to assure nondiscrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, age or disability.  

Available certificated positions shall be announced in writing within the school system and submitted to a state-wide online job data base maintained by the state  (TeachGeorgia Website).

In operating the most effective and efficient school system possible, the Superintendent may recommend to the Board the transfer or reassignment of personnel into positions that best meet the needs of the school system.  Positions that are filled through transfers or lateral reassignments shall not be considered vacant within the meaning of this policy and shall not be subject to the announcement, advertisement or any other provision of this policy. 

The Board of Education office will accept applications for employment continuously for all positions, both certificated and non-certificated, and for transfers within the system.  Applications on file are considered current for a period of one year and will be considered as vacancies occur.


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